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List of New NPCs

You will find the list of new NPCs added in game

Legendary Island NPC (i4)

Name Role Location Skin
Nek Language translator 4th island
Elena Doom Currency Quest 4th island
Silia Crobanner Bishop's Assistant 4th island
Elise Luxury hairdresser 4th island
Kalysia GM Dresses Quest 4th island
Hysterical Bones of Valor Quest 4th island
Simon-sez Quest for Wizardry Hats 4éme île

NPC Arakas Island

Name Role Location Skin
pilo Initiate Belt Quest Light Haven
Yonart Raven's Dust Access Quest (SURVIVOR MODE ONLY) Light Haven

NPC Raven's Dust Island

Name Role Location Skin
Ignis Stoneheim Access Quest Raven’s Dust

NPC Stoneheim Island

Name Role Location Skin
? Stoneheim xxx Stoneheim png

PNJS Zone Oracle

Nom Rôle Lieu Skin
Dragon Sacred Quête des Ruby Focus Zone Etherée
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