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Character classes


The warrior is a melee physical class that will only use his weapon to do damage.

Here are some essential points:

  • His main statistics are the strength, endurance and dexterity that will need to be adjusted to define the weapon, armor and amount of health you are aiming for.
  • Place your points in attack and dodge so as to touch and dodge most of the hits.
  • Also place a lot of points as soon as possible in powerful shot, which makes your attacks more powerful precisely.
  • Learn the Skill Armor skill only when moving to 3rd Island (StoneHeim, called SH), because before, few monsters have significant armor.
  • The specialized skills to learn are CA, CP and TA, Parade.

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Magi are divided into four main elements:

  • Concentrate on intelligence primarily with a wisdom background or a mix of both for the air mages.
  • Mages are spellcasters, specializing in fire, water, air and necromancy.
  • Dodge is the most important skill of the mages, allowing them to dodge a large number of physical attacks.

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Let's start with some imperative points:

  • Concentrate mainly on dexterity and then on strength in a secondary way.
  • If you want proper armor and more HP, put on some stamina.
  • Place your points in archery at first, then place some of your dodge points.
  • Learn how to pierce Armor, Powerful Blow, and Beating Blow.

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Let's start with some imperative points:

  • Paladin's class is harder to ride for a beginner because it's a hybrid class (warrior / priest), which takes time to set up. (prefer this class for a rebirth).
  • Concentrate on wisdom and strength, as well as stamina.
  • The masses you will carry require as much wisdom as strength.
  • Learn protection spells, like the priest.

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