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 <b>Note #2: </b>You might have to say "<b>Royal Key</b>" again in order for Mordrick to give it to you<br><b>Note <b>Note #2: </b>You might have to say "<b>Royal Key</b>" again in order for Mordrick to give it to you<br><b>Note
 #3: </b>You must be a Champion of Light in order to start this key.<br> #3: </b>You must be a Champion of Light in order to start this key.<br>
-<p align="left"></p> 
-<p align="justify">As soon as you gather the 6 keys, go to the RD Crypt Level 3 and find a Loathsome Horror. Say "<b>I have the six keys</b>" and he will teleport you in a small cave where you will meet Theopold's Specter. Say "<b>Work</b>", "<b>Riddles</b>" to him and he will ask the following questions:<br> 
-  <table width="100%" border="1" bordercolor="#000000" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" style="font-size:12px;color:white;"> 
-    <tr> 
-      <td width="80%"><font size="2"><b>Question</b></td> 
-      <td width="20%"><font size="2"><b>Answer</b></td> 
-    </tr> 
-    <tr> 
-      <td><font size="2">What is the center of balance?</td> 
-      <td><font size="2">The letter a</td> 
-    </tr> 
-    <tr> 
-      <td><font size="2">What happens once in a minute, twice in a moment, once during weekdays but never on a weekend and never ever during a hundred thousand years?</td> 
-      <td><font size="2">The letter m</td> 
-    </tr> 
-    <tr> 
-      <td><font size="2">AYAMS TOKEER ANNEED SOMELP</td> 
-      <td><font size="2">I am stuck here and need some help</td> 
-    </tr> 
-    <tr> 
-      <td><font size="2">One where none or two should be. Seeking out purity in the King's tree.</td> 
-      <td><font size="2">Unicorn</td> 
-    </tr> 
-    <tr> 
-      <td><font size="2">I am better than eternal life, I am worse than death, dead men eat me, if  you eat me, you will die.</td> 
-      <td><font size="2">Nothing</td> 
-    </tr> 
-  </table> 
-<p align="justify">For each riddle correctly answered, you will get 10.000 Experience Points. When you have answered all of them, you will be teleported to a small cave with a chest. Clicking on the chest will place the Cuthana 
-Herb into your inventory and you will be teleported east of the 
-Tarantula Pond.</p> 
-<p align="justify">Go to the Silversky Palace and find Chamberlain Thomar. Say "<b>Delilah</b>", "<b>Help</b>", "<b>Noble Gesture</b>" "<b>Yes</b>" and he will tell you to give the Cuthana Herb to princess Delilah. Say "<b>Cuthana</b>" to her (+20 Karma) and she will thank you giving you the following choices as a reward:</p> 
- <li><b>A Prayer: </b>She prays to Artherk for your soul to be saved</li> 
- <li><b>Healing: </b>She heals your wounds</li> 
- <li><b>Gold: </b>She tells you that you are evil and asks you to make another choice. If you insist on choosing gold, she gives you 10.000 Gold Pieces and lowers your karma by -14.</li> 
- <li><b>Remove Balork's Mark</b>: She removes the mark that Balork put on you when you killed him.</li> 
-<p align="justify">In order to move on to Stoneheim, you must choose "<b>Remove Balork's Mark</b>". In order to get the Silver Feather from Delilah, tell her "<b>Stoneheim</b>", it will appear in your backpack. Before leaving, say "<b>Oracle</b>" to Delilah. As a reward, you will be able to learn Healing and Sanctuary from Bishop Crowbanner (as long as he is in remission he will teach the spells to anybody).</p> 
-<p align="justify">Head for Zhakar and say "<b>Ritual</b>". He will ask for the following items in order to 
-perform the ritual to allow you to go to Stoneheim... 
-  <ul> 
-    <li><b>Skeleton Bone </b>from Skeleton Warlocks</li> 
-    <li><b>Flask of Goblin Blood</b> from Goblin Subchief</li> 
-    <li><b>Flask of Crystal Water</b> from Dune Raider</li> 
-    <li><b>Belladonna Berries</b> from Greyleaf</li> 
-    <li><b>Silver Feather</b> already obtain from Princess Delilah</li> 
-    <li><b>5000 Gold Pieces</b></li><br> 
-  </ul> 
-<p align="justify">Once you have turned them in you will have to wait 1 hour before Zhakar will send you to Stoneheim.<br></p> 
-<p align="justify"><b>Note: </b>You can do this quest as many times as you want (It's obvious that the path to Stoneheim opens only once...I hope :P)</p> 
-<p align="justify"><b>NPCs involved: </b>King Theodore, all undead brothers, Celydia, Laren, Belagan, Tobias, Reynen Aspicdart, Terwin, Chamberlain Thomar, Elysana Blackrose, Zhakar, Moonrock, Bane Blackblood, Jon Hamhoo, Jamar, Kalir, Morindin Arrowmist, Celestyna Waterbreeze, Mordrick Warstone, Theopold's Specter, Princess Delilah<br> 
-<b>Quest Reward Synopsis: </b>50000 experience points, you can learn Healing &amp; Sanctuary Spell from Bishop Crowbanner, opens the way to Stoneheim.</p> 
 </html> </html>
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